Spotlight & Co.

Your brand is a story.Do people hear the story you want them to hear?Is your company culture as good as you think it is? Do hallway whispers undermine your marketing? Does your team live your brand values or are they just a cat poster in the break room?

Readying your brand's truth
for the light

Exclusively for Agency Founders
Spotlight & Co.

Spotlight & Co. is a
boutique brand consulting agency.

We believe that a brand story is told from the inside-out.The marketing must match the culture, and visa versa.We are Ashley Abercrombie, Alec McNayr, and Hannah Montplaisir.We've spent our careers helping people tell better stories, from Fortune 500 CMOs to start-up founders to Executive Directors at NGOs and non-profits.We love shining the light of truth onto problems, and rolling up our sleeves to help solve them.